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PTConnect gives you a one-stop solution for managing your school effectively, by bridging the gap between teachers, parents, and students, thus providing seamless communication via use of digital technologies.

We apply innovative, efficient and easy to use technology in creating an interactive and informative environment for schools; overall, a perfect solution for parents, teachers, students and the entire school.

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PT Connect meets some universal school/parent/student needs through a modern solution - enabling connectivity and interaction over the technology ecosystems of the 21st century

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Key Benefits

for parents

For Parents

For Principals & Teachers

For Principals & Teachers



Groups:Forming the backbone of the system.

  • Teachers can create and form groups for every class & division, which can include other teachers and students as well.
  • Class teachers can create separate groups for their class as well as for various activities. For example, Art workshop group, Reading group etc. and then invite appropriate students to join these groups. This allows them to share the information specific to that group only.
  • Student groups can be created from different classes who are participating in the same activity. For example, After-school clubs.
  • Groups can be formed between teachers and parents as well, in regards to a particular topic or an important notice to be issued.

Homework:Ensuring that the homework is informed about and completed on time.

  • Homework management is one of the core functionalities of the system. PT Connect provides parents with an easy access on their mobiles to information on what homework has been assigned to their children and when it is due.
  • Teachers, in turn, can upload and edit information about homework assignments or even send attachments. Homework/assignment notifications come with due dates and reminders and can be sent to all parents in a class, parents of groups within that class, or even individuals.

Permission Slip and Notices:Helping teachers and administrators maximize their day by minimizing repetitious reminders to parents.

  • Important messages can be sent to individuals or groups of parents.
  • Parents can be required to indicate by return whether specific calls-to-action e.g. sending a signed permission slip via their child, have been at their side. Others, such as individual messages, can be responded to by the parent directly from their mobile.
  • Teachers can determine if a response is either required or allowed. Where formal responses are indicated as being necessary, parents are given reminders on their mobiles until they respond directly or confirm through the application that the required action has been taken.
  • Teachers and administrators can check at a glance how many responses are outstanding and who they are yet to come from.

Messages:A platform for timely one-to-one and one-to-many messaging.

  • Teachers and administrators can send messages about any subject to each other or to parents, either as an individual or as group messages.
  • If permitted by the originator of the message, the recipient can respond directly to the sent message.
  • The message originator can also close the message dialogue at any time. For example, when the required responses have been received.

Activities:A tool for parents to keep on top of all the paraphernalia needed for curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  • Parents can see the activities their children are involved in at school.
  • As with homework, activities can be associated with all the students in a class, a year or even the whole school, as well as individual students.
  • Even teachers can be associated with the activities.
  • This function is particularly useful because it allows parents to see what their children need to bring with them to school for the activity and to prepare accordingly.

Attendance:Facilitating the sharing between schools and parents of information about individual child absences.

  • Parents receive a push notification on their mobiles if their child is absent from school or for any activity.
  • Then can also inform schools, either on the day or in advance, if their child would not be attending on a given day.
  • It’s easier for the schools as well, as it saves a lot of time for them, plus keeping a record and extracting any attendance report subject to any date becomes easier and faster.

Bus TrackingReal-time location of the school bus, putting parents to an ease.

  • With the assistance of real-time GPS (provided the school buses are equipped with GPS tracking devices), parents can keep a track of the school bus’s route and time required by it to reach the appropriate location.
  • Once the child has been assigned a specific bus, the parent is notified on their device and the feature gets activated. Therefore, they can use this feature to keep track of the bus in which their child is traveling.
  • Parents are well informed in advance in case of the unavailability of the school bus at any point of time, thus avoiding the end moment worry and hassle.

Classroom:Never miss out any lecture, get updated on the day’s class work on your mobile.

  • In case the child is unable to attend the school for a few days, it becomes difficult for the parents to get the respective notes once he/she is back, and a lot of time is spent on getting on the same page as the other students.
  • With PT Connect, the classwork notes are sent to the parents’ mobile app on a daily basis, in case he/she was absent for the day.
  • Schools benefit a lot from this, as the teachers no longer would have to face the issue of teaching the same topic to the student/s who were absent for that previously.

Annual Calendar:The whole year’s academic and extracurricular calendar is there on your mobile.

  • The parents get the whole year’s academic calendar on their mobile app, including details of the various events and functions that would be organized in the school for the said academic year.
  • Parents receive all updates regarding the events via push notifications, may it be the Semester test, Annual day, Sports day or the Annual school holidays.
  • Schools can now upload the whole year’s academic calendar on the PT Connect portal, which saves a lot of time and cost for them, and helps the school to Go Green.


We very well understand the data security concerns of our clients; thus, we focus on delivering process-oriented, standards-based and quality-driven services.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System certified) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System certified) organization which depicts our strong and professional line of action and standardized methods of operations.

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Designed for all types of educational institutes, from primary schools to colleges.

School information when you need it, where you need it.

PT Connect

PT Connect is an easy-to-use direct communications channel as well as an information management tool designed to help parents and teachers work together seamlessly.

PT Connect is available for below devices.

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Training & support

As your digital solutions partner, we understand that handling and maintenance of any software application require constant surveillance. Thus, we offer full-fledged support and organized online training sessions to the schools to get the application up and running.

Needless to say, we are there to provide support services in case of any technical issues related to the operations and performance of the overall system, making sure that you are always linked to the students and their parents!


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PTConnect is a mobile / web-based communication and management product designed by Aress Software and Education Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which has its offices based in US and UK, with its headquarters in India.

We’re a 17-year-old, 500+ employee organization, providing services like Web and Mobile application development, customized Software development and Salesforce development & consultation. We also provide 24/7 technical support for web hosting and software application services. For more details, please check

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